AssaultCube Reloaded (ACR)

ACR is an open-source (free) first-person-shooter combining the best traits from various popular shooting games.

It targets realistic gameplay, specified by many settings and options.

Download the latest version now from a mirror:

AssaultCube Reloaded (ACR) is a free-and-open-source first-person-shooter. Formerly called AssaultCube Special Edition, it was created by the AssaultCube Reloaded Task Force to improve AssaultCube.

This game combines the best of all worlds:

  • realism (from Battlefield)
  • server-sided “anti-cheat” (inspired by the Quake engine)
  • perks (from Call of Duty)
  • mutators (from Red Eclipse)
  • fast-paced gameplay, with a low system footprint (from AssaultCube and the Cube Engine)

Here are just some of the many improvements compared to AssaultCube:

  • New, diverse game modes and mutators
  • Many new and different weapons
  • More realistic gameplay: damage fading over distance, bleeding, drowning
  • Ricochet shots (bouncing bullets)
  • Chat easily visible, separated from the main console
  • Less potential cheats (more server-sided code)
  • Better voting system: ignore neutral votes, veto admin votes after second press
  • Improved radar showing explosions and shotlines
  • Killfeed making it easy to see kills
  • Spawn enqueue/dequeue—no need to spam the spawn button

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This project originally started out as a modification of AssaultCube to reduce possible client cheats. Now, it is a completely different game, with different gameplay.

The latest news from us: @ACreloaded