These rules can and may change anytime.

If you do not like these simple rules, find another master server.


The “master-server” refers to the official one in operation by this site.

A “client” is defined as someone playing on a server connected to the master-server.

A “server” is software that connects clients, registered on the master-server.

An “auth user” is someone who is privileged by the master-server to gain special access to its servers.

Client Rules

Any clients in violation shall be barred from every server until an appeal is made or is patched in the current release. It takes less than 15 minutes to propagate across every server. You will be banned immediately after an administrator adds you to the ban list. For example: if you make a hack to walk through walls, and do not make an appeal, you will be automatically unbanned when it is patched (and it already is).

Server Rules

  1. Pushing maps is currently allowed ALLOWED. This may change if this rule is abused.
  2. Gameplay modifications are ALLOWED. The only exception is the following rule.
  3. If the gameplay is modified, it must be clearly labelled in the server description. In addition, it must modify everyone equally. In other words, it may not provide any advantage to a specific group of players unless it can be justified. For example, servers that give all admins one-hit kills are not allowed. However, servers that give everyone one-hit kills are allowed.
  4. You must explicitly state all modifications regarding the source code [at least in the server extended info].
  5. Banning a member of the ACR team without proper justification is not allowed.
  6. You may not disable server functions that have to do with the master server (bans, auth). If you don’t like them, find a new master server.
  7. You may not prevent usage of the “clan tags” pursuant to those listed here.
  8. These rules can and may change anytime.

Auth Rules

  1. You shall not abuse this feature.
  2. If you are banned for a justifiable reason, you are not allowed to use your deban access.

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.
John F. Kennedy

We will unban you upon request or after two months, whichever is earlier, but only if it is your first offence within the last two years. If it is your second offence within one year, you shall not be allowed to appeal your ban for a minimum of three months, and are automatically unbanned after six months. All subsequent offences (the third and all after) within a two year period require a minimum ban length of six months to be served. The prescribed ban length may not exceed three years.